Aerobic exercise and fat loss
April 21, 2022

Aerobic exercise and fat loss


Aerobic exercise is a low to moderate intensity activity that can be maintained for 30 minutes or more, in order to improve the cardiorespiratory capacity of the individual.

It's an activity that strengthens the heart, and contributes to improving HDL cholesterol levels.

Most individual sports disciplines are related with aerobic exercise such as running, cycling, walking among others.


Low intensity but endurance exercise is related to fat burning activity. The reason why is because the energy substrates used for the activity are glucose (main fuel of the body) and fat (this is through beta oxidation in mitochondria).


Both aerobic exercise and strength training are important in order to improve body composition.

In aerobic training, because of the caloric expenditure during the activity, and with nutritional planning, the individual can go into caloric deficiency which means in using fat as a power source.