Common colds, coughs and chest infections

Common colds, coughs & chest infections

Good nutrition and supplementation may improve the bodies resistance to infections, viruses and common colds. 

Common Cold: 

Keeping up your levels of vitamin C and Zinc can reduce the severity and frequency of the common cold. Herbs such as elderberry, Echinacea and andrographis work effectively with vitamin C and Zinc. Top common Cold Supplements:Herbs of Gold Cold and Flu Strike, Caruso´s Vitamin C, Ethical Nutrients Mega Zinc and Fusion Activiral. For Kids: Go with Fusion Cold and Flu Fighter, Kiwi Herb Echiberry or Children´s Echinature. 

Vitamin D in children is vital in reducing their frequency of infections, Brauer Liquid Vitamin D 400IU makes it easy. 

Coughs and Chest Infections:

Suppresing a cough is not effective in treating a cough or chest infection. Healing the lungs and reducing the mucous production is more therapeutic approach. Low levels of Vitamin D are commmon in persistent coughs and infections. Removal of congestion requires the correct preparation and dosage. Top respiratory supplements:Fusion Cough and Lung, Kiwiherb Cough and Chest Syrup, Herbs of Gold Vitamin D 1000. For kids: there is the Fusion Kids Cough Fighter and Kiwi Herb Children´s Cough and Chest Syrup. Also consider for children KiwiHerb De Stuff with MP Kidz Minerals Cough and Cold Relief to stop nasal discharge depositing in their chest, this is great prevention of children´s coughs.