Practical Immune Support

Practical Immune Support

In this current health and season climate, immune support is without a doubt one of the key health

concerns. Good nutrition and supplementation may improve the bodies resistance to infections,

viruses and common colds. You can spend all your lockdown hours Googling the best immune

support nutrients, herbs and supplements and still not know what to use or even if it is right for you.

Often I talk to people who are chasing remedies that are not even available, researched or TGA

approved. Here is a simple practical guide to reducing frequency and severity of common immune



  • Keeping up your levels of vitamin C and Zinc can reduce the severity and frequency of

    the common cold. Herbs such as elderberry, Echinacea and andrographis work effectively with

    vitamin C and Zinc. 

    Top Common Cold Supplements:Herbs of Gold Cold and Flu Strike, Caruso’s

    Vitamin C, Ethical Nutrients Mega Zinc and Fusion Activiral. For Kids: Go with Fusion Cold and Flu

    Fighter, Kiwi Herb Echiberry or Children’s Echinature.

    Vitamin D in children is vital in reducing their frequency of infections, Brauer Liquid Vitamin D 400IU

    makes it easy. 


  • Suppressing a cough is not effective in treating a cough or chest infection. Healing the lungs and reducing the mucous production is more therapeutic approach. Low levels of Vitamin D are common in persistent coughs and infections. Removal of congestion requires the correct preparation and dosage. 

    Top respiratory supplements: Fusion Cough and Lung, Kiwiherb Cough and Chest Syrup, Herbs of Gold Vitamin D 1000. For Kids: there is the Fusion Kids Cough Fighter and Kiwi Herb Children’s Cough and Chest Syrup. Also consider for children KiwiHerb De Stuff with MP Kidz Minerals Cough and Cold Relief to stop nasal discharge depositing in their chest, this is great prevention of children’s coughs.


  • For many people this is their first sign of illness, treating it quickly is important before it develops into infection is vital. For persistent infections consider supporting the lymph glands with quercetin and rutin and vitamin C and Echinicea.

    Top throat support supplements: Comvita Propolis throat spray, Kiwiherb Throat Syrup and Herbs of Gold Quercetin. Also, consider having a tub of Biosota 15+ Manuka Honey in the pantry to soothe and heal an angry sore throat. 


  • Always remain well hydrated if symptoms of diarrhoea present, especially in children. Specific treatment for gastro should include sacchramyces boullardi, a probiotic yeast that reduces diarrhoeal infection. Herbs of Gold Probiotic SB and Fusion GutBiotic SB are effective in reducing symptoms of gastroenteritis, food poisoning and antibiotic related diarrhoea. Consider using with Herbs of Gold ParaStrike if symptoms are consistent with parasitic



  • When a virus or illness really has knocked you off your feet and you are struggling to get your bounce back it may be necessary to boost your immune stores and restore your body from a cellular level. Boosting your vitamin D, B group Vitamins, Zinc and Co-enyme Q10 can help to restore vitality. If you feel that your are suseptable to further infections Fusion Astra 8 with Fusion Activated B’s plus Caruso’s Vitamin C +Bioflavonoids is recommended. For Kids Fusion Astra 8 Immune Shield plus Ethical Nutrients Zingles is an easy effective way to pick them up. 

  • Immune system and the gut. As most of our immune cells lie in the small intestine it makes good

    sense to nurture our gut to support our immune system. Consider long term usage of Probiotics such

    as Inner Health Daily Immune and Herbs of Gold Gut Care. For Kids: use Ethical Nutrients Immune


    Immune system and the diet: our immune system must always, firstly be supported by a diet that is

    rich in nutrients. Making sure we have enough quality protein to recover. Plenty of vitamin C, beta

    carotene and Zinc rich foods to warn of infection. Including fermented foods such as sauerkraut and

    kombucha to support the gut. Try to include enough essential fatty acids to make our cells robust

    against infection. Lastly reduce the amount of sugar, transfats and other rubbish that oxidise our

    nutrients and ultimately compromise good health.