What to eat pre, during and post training?

What to eat pre, during and post training?

When we begin to train, we begin to understand that food is important for performance, to achieve changes such as increased muscle mass or decreased fat mass, to stay healthy and with vitality.


  • If we eat badly all week or our diet is incomplete, it does not matter that we do the pre-training meal well because it will not be able to solve all the weekly errors. What we need before training is to maximize our glycogen stores, provide easily digestible proteins and hydrate well.

  • What foods can you eat?

    ✅Oatmeal, peanut butter and whey protein

    ✅Rice crackers 

    ✅Fruit and nuts

    ✅Whole wheat bread 


  • It will depend on how much you are training. For example, if we go to the gym to do bodybuilding for 45-60 minutes we will not need anything more than water and in any case branched amino acids. Now, in other endurance sports that last longer, say 60min-90min, we need to incorporate easily digestible carbohydrates and water-liquids. We do not need to incorporate fat, protein or fiber in this instance.

  • What foods can you eat?

    ✅Sport drinks

    ✅Sports gels



    ✅Cereal bars


  • At this critical moment we need to recover what was spent as a first step and then provide more "bricks" to our wall. In other words, food to recover deposits and an extra to generate changes in our body. We first need to hydrate ourselves, to recover the lost liquid. This amount will vary depending on the sport, intensity, duration, temperature, etc.

  • What foods can you eat?

    ✅Whey Protein

    ✅ Skim chocolate milk

    ✅Honey rice cookies


    ✅Yogurt with granola and fruits

    ✅Chicken with cooked vegetables (sweet potato or potato)

    ✅Scrambled eggs and vegetables

    ✅Pasta with vegetables and a protein