Exit Pain Arthritis Cream 100g


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Double Action Pain Relief

Caruso's Exit Pain® Arthritis Cream can help those experiencing mild muscle or joint aches and pains. It has been uniquely designed to work at the site of pain to provide relief locally and may be used on its own or in conjunction with other formulations.

Health Benefits

Caruso's Exit Pain® Arthritis Cream can aid in the temporary relief of mild joint and muscle pain and soreness that may be caused by soft tissue trauma or mild osteoarthritis. It contains a combination of the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs Camphor and Arnica.

Caruso's Exit Pain® Arthritis Cream health indications:

  • Helps to relieve mild joint inflammation
  • Reduces mild joint pain and swelling
  • Relieves sore and aching muscles
  • Helps in the management of soft tissue injuries

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