Ginseng 5500 60 Tablets


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Energy Booster

Caruso’s Ginseng 5500 combines herbal extracts of 3 Ginsengs that can help to provide relief from the symptoms of stress and assist the body to cope with various environmental stressors.

Various species of Ginseng have been traditionally used in Chinese Medicine for centuries to promote body adaptation to stress, increase vitality, enhance energy levels, relieve fatigue and enhance physical endurance.

Health Benefits

Caruso's Ginseng 5500 contains herbal extracts of 3 Ginseng plants which have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries. Ginseng has been traditionally used in TCM as a  rejuvenating and restorative tonics which helps to enhance vitality and promote general health and wellbeing. Ginseng has been used traditionally in Chinese Medicine for its nervine and adaptogenic properties, which increase both body and mind relaxation. Caruso's Ginseng 5500 contains Korean ginseng, Siberian ginseng and American ginseng to compliment one another in maintaining vitality, energy levels, physical endurance and cognitive performances. This special combination of ginseng herbs also helps to relieve feelings of fatigue, stress, irritability and nervous tension.   

Caruso’s Ginseng 5500 Health Indications:

  • Relieve symptoms of stress and provide support to the nervous system
  • Maintain energy levels and vitality
  • Enhance physical endurance and stamina
  • Support healthy immune system function and assist with recovery
  • Supporting cognitive performances and mental functions such as concentration, focus, clarity, alertness and memory recall 
  • Supporting reproductive system health including reproductive hormones, sexual functions and aphrodisiac effects which promote a healthy libido

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