Olive Leaf 60 Tablets


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Olive Leaf Extract has traditionally been used in Western Herbal Medicine to reduce common cold symptoms, severity and duration. Olive Leaf has also been used traditionally throughout Middle Eastern Herbal Medicine for the relief of coughs, sore throats, pharyngitis and mild fevers. In addition, Olive Leaf helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, heart and healthy blood lipids. 

Health Benefits

Why use Caruso’s Olive Leaf?

The olive plant has been used in medicine for centuries around the Mediterranean regions. It has been used traditionally in Western Herbal Medicine to relieve symptoms of the common cold, decrease symptom severity and reduce the common cold duration. Throughout Middle Eastern Herbal Medicine, it has been used traditionally to help relieve coughs, sore throat, pharyngitis and mild fevers. Olive leaf is presently used to enhance immune system function, improve immune defence and to help stimulate a healthy immune system response. Olea europaea, commonly known as olive leaf helps to support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system function, including maintenance of healthy blood lipids and vasodilation.

Olive leaf extract (OLE), derived from the leaves of the olive tree, contains a rich source of polyphenols called Oleuropein. Oleuropein is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory actions that help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular and immune system.

Caruso’s Olive Leaf health indications:

• Relieve symptoms of common colds and flu
• Relieve common cold duration
• Enhance immune system function
• Maintain/support cardiovascular system health

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