Stress Clear 60 Tablets


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Anti-Stress Formula

Caruso’s Stress Clear is a high-potency formula which has been developed with a combination of standardised herbal extracts to provide support for healthy stress responses in the body, relief from symptoms of mild anxiety, support a healthy mood balance and in the maintenance of energy levels.

Health Benefits

Why Use Caruso’s Stress Clear?
Caruso’s Stress Clear is a high-strength health solution formula containing therapeutic doses of herbal extracts to provide support for a healthy nervous system such as reducing symptoms of stress and mild anxiety while also supporting energy levels and vitality.  

Caruso’s Stress Clear includes the patented extract of KSM-66® Ashwagandha, which has been clinically trailed for safety, efficacy and quality. Additionally, Siberian ginseng has been traditionally used in Chinese Medicine as an adaptogen, while Korean ginseng is traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to enhance physical capacity.

Caruso’s Stress Clear Has Been Formulated For:

  • Supporting a healthy stress response and assisting the body to better cope with environmental stress  
  • Relieving symptoms of mild anxiety and reducing their occurrence  
  • Maintenance of energy levels and supporting physical stamina  
  • Reducing cognitive fatigue and supporting mental functions such as concentration, focus, clarity and memory  

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