Super Collagen Builder 500mL


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Hair Skin & Nails

Caruso’s Super Collagen Builder is a natural pomegranate flavoured liquid formula containing herbal extracts, essential nutrients and antioxidants to maintain collagen health and formation.

Caruso’s Super Collagen Builder has been developed to help support collagen formation, assist with connective tissue production and maintain skin elasticity. The combination of ingredients helps with the maintenance of healthy hair, skin and nails.

Health Benefits

Caruso’s Super Collagen Builder maintains collagen health, supports collagen formation and assists with connective tissue production. It also helps to support skin elasticity. Caruso’s Super Collagen Builder maintains healthy hair, skin and nails.

This delicious tasting formula contains a number of active ingredients including Astaxanthin, Silicon, Vitamin C, Biotin and French Maritime Pine Bark.
Caruso’s Super Collagen Builder Health Indications:

  • Supports collagen formation and maintains collagen health
  • Maintains skin elasticity 
  • Helps to maintain skin hydration
  • Maintains nail health; increasing nail strength and thickness, while reducing nail brittleness, splitting and chipping. 
  • Maintains  skin health
  • Maintains hair health

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