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Caruso's® Super Magnesium 240 Tablets

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6 Forms of Magnesium

Caruso's® Natural Health has developed a broad spect. . . Show More >

6 Forms of Magnesium

Caruso's® Natural Health has developed a broad spectrum, sustained release magnesium formula that contains six different types of magnesium which are slowly released into your body. Caruso's® Super Magnesium is a one-a-day formula for your convenience.

Health Benefits

Magnesium is needed by every cell in your body. In fact, 26% of your body’s total Magnesium content is stored in your muscles. Caruso’s® Super Magnesium is a comprehensive, time release multi magnesium supplement that will slowly release over an 8 hour period.

Caruso's® Super Magnesium Complex Health Indications:

  • Supports healthy muscle function and relieves mild muscle cramps and spasms
  • Help to reduce the occurrence of PMS symptoms including menstrual cramping, mild fluid retention, mood changes and breast tenderness
  • Relief of abdominal cramping
  • Soothes and calms the nerves, reducing symptoms of mild anxiety and stress
  • Maintains healthy cardiovascular system function, supporting heart health
  • Supporting nervous system health and promotes healthy neurotransmission
  • Aids in post exercise recovery, enhancing physical performance and maintaining muscle endurance
  • Assists in the metabolism of carbohydrates and protein, supporting energy production

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