Total Joint Collagen Powder 120g


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Mobility & Flexibility

Caruso's Total Joint Collagen utilises FORTIGEL®; a collagen peptide which provides support for healthy joints and cartilage. Caruso's Total Joint Collagen also helps to support bone and connective tissue health.

Health Benefits

Why use Caruso’s Total Joint Collagen ?
Caruso's Total Joint Collagen contains the unique collagen peptide, FORTIGEL® which helps to improve joint health by reducing cartilage loss and support healthy cartilage production, maintain joint mobility and reduce mild joint pain due to mild osteoarthritis or physical activity. Caruso's Total Joint Collagen also contains the minerals boron and manganese to help support bone health, and silica to support connective tissue formation and health.

Caruso’s Total Joint Collagen Powder health benefits:

  • Helps healthy joint cartilage growth
  • Reduce cartilage wear & tear
  • Relieve mild joint pain, aches, stiffness & symptoms of mild osteoarthritis
  • Support collagen formation

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