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This topic is of special interest in athletes that practice long-term training and in high performance, because there is superior energy expenditure.

When we talk about RED-S or Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport, we refer to different factors or signs that lead to this condition: energy deficiency.


It's a complex topic, because the athlete normalizes tiredness because he or she understands that the nutritional and caloric requirements are increased. In women, it is linked with the menstrual cycle: RED-S can be seen when there is absence of menstrual cycles or hypothalamic amenorrhea, and both (men or women) when body fat average is extremely depleted.

This condition is the result of a deficiency, where the nutritional requirements are not satisfied. When calories apported do not support the amount of calories expended by the athlete, it can lead to amenorrhea, decreased bone mineral density such as osteoporosis and osteopenia.


It is a reversible syndrome. It will be an individual treatment because it depends on the number of years this syndrome. The first thing to reverse these conditions is to cover the energy availability through feeding. In several cases, it is evaluated to decrease exercise in order to normalize values and with supplementation if necessary.

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