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Strength and Fat Loss

Strength and Fat Loss

The main purpose of strength training is to increase the individual ability to exercise through resistance.

It involves weight machines, body weight, and elastic bands, among others.

Training strength has lots of benefits such as body composition changes because it increases active tissue volumen: the muscle.


We use it to relate muscle mass and strength activity with hypertrophy or an increase in muscle volume.

When we increase the strength of our muscle mass we generate adaptations like increasing the number of mitochondria (where fat beta-oxidation, for example.) And beyond caloric expenditure from training, if our body increases the percentage of active tissue (muscle mass) it means that we are consuming energy constantly (in simple words, increases basal metabolism, so we Will be spending more energy in a basal way).


Both aerobic exercise and strength training is important in order to improve body composition.

In strength training, through the caloric expenditure of the activity along with the increase in active tissue (muscle mass) adding up proper nutrition to reach the body composition goals set.

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