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Delayed-onset muscle soreness most known as DOMS is muscle pain that begins after training.

DOMS symptoms start at least between 12 to 24 hours after workout. The most common causes of this condition are high intensity exercise or eccentric exercise.

This is because the body responds to this tiny damage in muscle fiber by increasing inflammation.


DOMS can affect any person who exercises, from elite athletes to beginners, or anyone who has not worked out in a long time. There are some indicators of muscle pain such as CPK and decrease in force of maximal voluntary contraction that can take us to diagnosis.

DOMS can lead to muscle injury because of the inflammatory response and fatigue. This is the reason why we should prevent it.


There are many ways of prevention, such as staying hydrated, warming up before exercise and cooling down after a high intensity activity. Last but not least, taking workouts to the next level of intensity one small step at a time. This can help safely build individual strength and endurance while it minimizes the effects of DOMS.