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Can infusions be considered as a way of hydration or not? This is a recurrent doubt since their diuretic characteristic is recognized (they usually generate a desire to urinate).

Although infusions such as mate, tea or coffee are another means of incorporating water, we must not ignore the fact that all three contain organic compounds that stimulate urination.

This is the reason why they are considered a 50% hydration medium (they do not hydrate in the same way as water does. In fact, on several occasions they even generate thirst sensation).

For all those people who tend to drink a large volume of infusions, it is recommended to alternate with water for two reasons:

On the one hand, associating something that we drink constantly such as mate with a real hydration medium such as water. Since correct hydration occurs when we consume water in a sustained manner throughout the day.

On the other hand, we do not replace water with infusions. Don't forget that the consumption of infusions does not hydrate in the same way!

In conclusion, let's not forget to add water throughout the day. This does not mean leaving infusions aside, but that these infusions do not replace the consumption of water as the main means of hydration.

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