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3 habits for older adults

3 habits for older adults

By definition, the population considered elderly is the one that covers from 60 years onwards. The physical and mental state of each adult Will depend on the lifestyle taken, genetics, physical activity and familiar and personal history.

In general, as we age we tend to lose muscle . This results in that it is very important to have healthy habits in order to lower the loosing tend, because muscle tissue is an active tissue with very important functions and determines the quality of life of the person.

On one hand, looking for an activity that keeps the person moving is basic but really important. The reason why is because we stimulate muscles and bone mass, conserving mobility as much as possible. It can be through a scheduled physical activity or leading an active life. Each activity will depend on context and individuality.

On the other hand, hydration: it is really important because with good hydration we can cleanse excess toxins of the body and maintain vital functions of the organism among other benefits.

Last but not least, good nutrition, where foods rich in protein are not lacking because protein will take part of the structure of every tissue, including muscle mass.

Taking care of some details can slow down the aging processes. These processes are unavoidable, but we can improve the person's quality of life and prevent diseases.

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