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BEVERAGES what you dont see

BEVERAGES what you dont see

Over time, the industrial sector has brought out lots of options for drinks and soft drinks: with or without sugar, from “natural” fruits (among others). This can generate confusion in the consumer when trying to choose the better option besides water. 

We will analyze in a general way the nutritional contribution of most drinks so that, when choosing, we do so with criteria.

In all of its presentations, soft drinks and industrial juices used to have a very low PH. This means they are very acidic. Although their taste does not refer to it, their PH has an average of 2, when our hydrochloric acid is of 1. This is the reason why they tend to cause reflux or heartburn.

On the other hand, they used to have dyes and preservatives: these ingredients are proinflammatory, generating risk of gastrointestinal intolerances.

Last but not least, lots of them are considered “natural juices or beverages” but they use to have lots of refined sugars (hidden sugar in food).

We should learn to read beverage packaging, understanding that the first ingredient that appears is the one that predominates. This will give you criteria in the election.
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