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The link between taking pre-workout infusions and sports performance is increasing. The reason why is because mate, coffee, and tea have organic compounds that act in the organism in order to increase performance.

In coffee, this organic compound is caffeine. The same is in the tea named as theine. And in the case of mate, mateina.

There are several reasons why they are linked with sports performance:
First of all, these organic compounds activate the sympathetic nervous system keeping us alert. Secondly, it favors the use of lipids as an energy source (there is more energy availability). Last but not least, it favors muscle contraction.

On the other hand, the amount of these compounds provided by the infusions is not always sufficient to feel their effect, and we do not all respond the same to their use of them (there are persons that are more sensitive to seeing their effects and others that take more time to see their effects). This is the reason why they should consider individual dosification according to recommendations.

DETAILS: Temperature of infusions
Don't forget that the temperature of a pre-workout meal could be a determinant of sports performance for several reasons: On one hand, if it's hot digestion Will be slower because our body has to bring the food temperature to body temperature in order to continue the processes of digestion.

On the other hand, it is irritating. This means that if it's really hot it Will probably result in gastrointestinal upset such as reflux, colic or diarrhea.

Taking into account all these aspects, we should interpret whether infusions are useful or not. And in the case of using them, considering temperature could determine sports performance.

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