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Diabetes is a pathology that is related with carbohydrates, since it generates a hormonal and metabolic deregulation of glucose.

There are two types: one insulin dependent, and another where insulin resistance is generated and which is commonly related to being overweight or obese (visceral fat is the first predisposing factor).

This is the reason why special attention should be paid to carbohydrate intake and the type of carbs to be consumed, to keep glucose levels as stable as possible.

Some guidelines to take into account to improve the digestion of these carbohydrates will be detailed below.


In this type of pathology, it will be sought that the digestion and absorption of the carbohydrate is as slow and gradual as possible, to maintain glucose levels and that there are no peaks of hyperglycemia.

It is recommended to take carbohydrate intake with some fiber such as vegetables, whole grains, etc.

In addition, when that carb is consumed, it should be mostly solid. Since it will digest more slowly. That is, it is not the same to consume mashed potatoes than rustic potatoes.

Last but not least, the type of carbohydrate consumed. In other words, sugar tend to generate hyperglycemia unlike more complex carbs such as cereals and whole grains.


Diabetes is a complex but manageable pathology. That is why it is necessary to raise awareness that nutritional treatment is one of the most important pillars, along with other healthy habits and lifestyle such as rest, physical activity, etc.
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