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STRATEGIES to improve food digestion

STRATEGIES to improve food digestion

There are several cases where it is evaluated to facilitate the digestion of certain foods. This can be due to recurring gastrointestinal discomfort (as in irritable bowel syndrome) or proposed as a sports strategy prior to training.

We will leave some tips to facilitate digestion of certain foods and why, to take into account in case you need to apply them.


#1 FOOD TEMPERATURE: Did you know that food and infusions temperature is a determinant of digestion? This occurs because to continue with digestion processes, the body has to bring the food to body temperature and therefore, the hotter the longer it takes to digest it. At the same time, hot is pro irritating, so it could exacerbate symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort.

#2 FOOD CONSISTENCY: Did you know the more liquid the consistency, the easier to digest? Since we save several steps in the mechanical processes in digestion to degrade food.

#3 FIBER CONTENT: Did you know high fiber foods have slower digestion? This is because fiber slows down digestive processes as it remains longer in the stomach and intestine, intervening in digestion. At the same time, there is a type of fiber that is fermentable.
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