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Vegans and vitamin b12

Vegans and vitamin b12

Vitamin b12 is essential for the organism. This is because it performs vital and very specific functions for the body.

On one hand, it helps to maintain neuronal health and red blood cells (b12 deficiency is considered an anemia that causes tiredness and weakness). It contributes to the transformation of fatty acids into energy and helps maintain the energy reserve at the muscular level.

Its deficiency can be multicausal, but the main drop in deposits occurs in those people who have low consumption of food of animal origin, since animals contain it in a bioavailable way.

Beyond vegetarians and vegans, athletes and the elderly population are also at risk since the requirements are increased.


It is suggested that both vitamin b12 and homocysteine stores must be analyzed under laboratory conditions to consider whether to supplement preventively (it occurs mainly in vegetarian or vegan populations, symptomatic athletes or older adults). If the deposits are decreased (below 400 mcg) or the homocysteine is increased, a recharge Will be carried out prior to preventive supplementation.

Current maintenance recommendations are around 2000 mcg per week, which can be taken once a week or redistributed over several days depending on the dose of each Tablet.


Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that generates a tendency to produce pimples or acne, so its sudden intake often generates little acceptance. My specific suggestion is to incorporate this vitamin with a specific follow up of health professionals who think about specific and progressive doses to generate adaptation and therefore greater adherence to the supplement.
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