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Sugar is a carbohydrate that is made up of two molecules (disaccharide). This is the reason why it is considered a simple carbohydrate (fast digestion and absorption acting as quick energy).

Depending on how it is presented, it can be nutritious or not.

The different types of sugar are differentiated on the refinement or process that is generated in its production at an industrial level.

We will describe some types of sugar and their properties to understand when it could be nutritious or not.


MASCABO SUGAR: it is unrefined sugar, where to manufacture it, the extract of the sugar can evaporate containing a residue that results in the final product, containing some minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, among others.

ORGANIC SUGAR: It is the result of a natural process where sugar cane is grown with organic fertilizers, which allows it to maintain its nutritional qualities and conserve the soil and the environment.

BLACK SUGAR: it retains black color due to the presence of molasses (final crystallization of sugar). 

WHITE SUGAR: is the most refined sugar. It does not support any type of micronutrient.


We used to associate sugar as a caloric food and without nutrients. But it all depends on the type of sugar we consume and the use we give to it.

I will always recommend natural ones such as mascabo sugar because it is more dense in nutrients, but having a moderate consumption, combining with different carbohydrate sources with higher nutritional quality on a daily basis.
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